Weight management

The aim of this service is to improve a person’s relationship with food and through that improvement, the development of skills that will enable him/her to maintain a stable and healthy body weight.

Respect towards one’s nutritional preferences, everyday habits, schedule as well as his/hers views on food and body weight is a central element of this service.

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Beyond dieting

“This is not a diet program”. In beyond dieting, although the aim is to reach and maintain a healthy weight, emphasis is taken off dieting and placed instead on positive self-esteem and body image. Chronically overweight women find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of dieting and losing weight only to regain it – while self-esteem plummets. The cultural drive for thinness is a powerful force. For chronically obese women, it can be dangerous both psychologically and physically.

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Life Stages

The healthy development of the human body and keeping in good health, from conception until the conclusion of adult life is very valuable. Nutrition is essential in every stage of our development while also being an important protective factor against chronic diseases.

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Sports Nutrition

The service “Sports Nutrition” is for people who want to improve their performancein sports by the assistance of nutrition. It includes body composition analyses with multifrequency analyser InBody720, of Biospace company, as well as drawing up individual sports nutrition plans.

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This service includes body composition measurement with the multifrequency analyser InBody720 as well an evaluation of the client’s food intake. Next, a meeting is held where the results and possible courses of action are discussed in detail.

Body composition analysis includes estimation of body fat mass, muscle mass, visceral fat mass, oedema, intracellular and extracellular water, body mass distribution and body strength.

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