Health is one of the most important goods. Nutrition constitutes a modifiable risk factor related to health. The right food choices as well as maintaining a healthy body weight form a ‘shield’ against chronic diseases whilst offering physical well-being. In contrast, less suitable choices of foods and increased body weight contribute in the development of chronic diseases.

We believe that proper training does lead in the improvement of one’s relation with food.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that willingness/desire is not enough in order to attain a goal; the right method is also required. We encourage our clients to see the effort to achieve their goal, as an educational process. For this reason, it is our belief that improvement comes only through effort and proper guidance. Furthermore, we accept that any effort will undoubtedly lead or has led to mistakes, which nevertheless are an integral part of the educational process.

Scientific knowledge, experience as well as respect of one’s particularities and preferences, are necessary ingredients for a constructive cooperation, whose ulterior objective is attaining the client’s goal.

We are here to listen to the client’s questions and provide solutions by means of high standard dietetic advice, based on contemporary bibliography (evidence based dietetics).