Dietetic visitor

Dietetic visitor

This service’s goal is to inform health professionals of various specialties like for example dietitians and doctors about new food products or to remind the usefulness of previous ones. To achieve this goal we work together to offer the proper training and preparation to nutritionists and dietitians associated with us.

The characteristics of our associates is scientific proficiency, the ability to analyze disadvantages – advantages of products as well as competing products, the ability to build relations of trust with the customers as well as a material knowledge of legislation and professional ethics.

The service included face-to-face visits aiming at scientific updating about the product while they may be combined with the service scientific editing, which is the accumulation of informative material for example an instructive leaflet or a scientific monograph. Part of this service is creating a “network” of health professionals to make the visits.

This service is intended to:

  • Businesses who want to communicate the specific of their product to health professionals.