image mask Obesity and weight loss amidst a pandemic

Obesity and weight loss amidst a pandemic

Lockdown restrictions changed our way of life dramatically. Millions are unable to go about their everyday activities or, at least, unable to do so the way they used to. Most have to work from home, or stop working altogether. It is therefore reasonable to wonder: What will the impact of this be on body weight?

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image mask Food safety and COVID-19

Food safety and COVID-19

The virus is transmitted by coming to contact with someone who carries it. When we breath, talk, sneeze or cough droplets are ejected out of our mouth and nose which are inhaled by those in close proximity.

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image mask Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

Good health is the ultimate goal of our philosophy. No concessions can be made there. Lately, because of the corona virus pandemic, developments unfold rapidly and it is natural to be increasingly worried.

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image mask Nutrition & environment

Nutrition & environment

Human nutrition links health with environmental sustainability. That is food consumption may affect human health but may also affect the environment. Shifting to a nutrition pattern which promotes environmental “health” could be beneficial to both human health and environmental sustainability.

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image mask The pitfalls of religious fasting

The pitfalls of religious fasting

Those who fast during lent abstain from eating meat, including fish, and dairy. For many this abstinence translates to weight loss during this period. However exclusion of specific food from our diet doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll lose weight. On the contrary in order to slim down or maintain your weight you should bear in mind two important points (there are others mind), which if ignored you could gain not lose weight.

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