In order to reap the full benefits of our service, we would advise you to properly prepare. What comes first is preparing for the measurements with InBody 720 body analyser which you may read by pressing here (available in Greek only).

It would also be good to know certain values from your latest blood tests, like cholesterol’s, triglycerides’, glucose’s, thyroids levels’, uric acid’s, et. As well as the medication you receive.

In addition, we will ask you for your body weight history and for the efforts you made to improve it. While next, we’ll take your dietary history concerning your dietary habits, way of life, your family’s diet, the times of your meals, consumption of food not prepared at home, etc.

By taking into account all of the above we’ll discuss and agree with you the short and long term goals of our cooperation and the initial plan of intervention will be created. That will be attuned with your way of life and preferences.

After the first session, the next sessions will take place weekly, every ten days or fortnightly where the goals and plan will be adjusted according to your needs and the priorities which we will agree together.