The value of services offered and means of payment have been designed for your convenience and depend on the frequency of visits you will choose.

There are three options, which are the following:


Per appointment

  • 40 euros (plus V.A.T.) for the first appointment.
  • 30 euros (plus V.A.T.) for each one after.

Per month

Includes up to 4 appointments in consecutive weeks,
expires 4 weeks after purchase.

  • 100 euros (plus V.A.T.) for the first month.
  • 90 euros (plus V.A.T.) for each month after.

Pack of appointments

Appointments are scheduled every 10 or 15 days and
packs expire 2, 4 or 6 months after purchase, according to the pack chosen.

  • 4 appointments, 110 euros (plus V.A.T.).
  • 8 appointments, 180 euros (plus V.A.T.).
  • 12 appointments, 250 euros (plus V.A.T.).

*plus 10 euros if the pack of appointments includes the first one.


Terms of use for packs of appointments apply.

All prices do not include V.A.T. 24% and we accept either cash or card payments (except American Express cards).

IBAN account National Bank of Greece: GR89 01101380000013800126701.

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