Our rates and the methods of payments have been designed for your service and according to how frequently you will choose to have your sessions. There are two options. Payment per session or a package of sessions deal.

A body composition measurement, using the analyser InBody720, can be carried out in every session without any extra charge.

All prices include V.A.T.


Per session

  • 60 euros for the first session
  • 40 euros for every other session

Package deals

  • 4 sessions, 165 euros.
    Includes the first plus three more
  • 8 sessions, 300 euros.
    Includes the first plus seven more.
  • 12 sessions, 410 euros.
    Includes the first plus eleven more.

If the first session is excluded then the rates for the package deals are 150, 270, 370 respectively.

Generally, we recommend one session per fortnight, which can be modified following notification.
Package deals are pre-paid and terms of use apply.


For distance counselling appointments, via skype, viber, facebook messenger or zoom, the same prices apply.

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