Weight management

Weight Management

The aim of this service is to improve a person’s relationship with food and through that improvement, the development of skills that will enable him/her to maintain a stable and healthy body weight.

Respect towards one’s nutritional preferences, everyday habits, schedule as well as his/hers views on food and body weight is a central element of this service.

Initially, the Nutritionist’s role is to educate the client concerning his/her knowledge on foods and adjust their meals to their way of life. Next, the educational element of the collaboration between the Nutritionist and the client further evolves. In this stage, the Nutritionist helps the client, in a structured and systematic way, to develop and establish new skills of managing his diet and therefore his body weight.

This service is intended for people:

  • Who have not been able to stabilise their weight over a long period of time.
  • Who want to either reduce or increase their body weight.