Eating disorders

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are related to important nutritional and psychological complications. More generally, they can be defined as constant disorders of nutritional behaviour or behaviour that concerns weight management, which significantly affects one’s bodily health and psychosocial functionality.

Symptoms may involve the following: frequent weighting, exercise aimed at reducing weight, skipping social events to avoid meals, constant fixation on one’s body image, significant change in body weight not related to a health problem, bathroom visits after meals, frequent swelling or stomach-ache after a meal or snack, increased  use of food supplements, diuretics, etc.

Eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia but also ones that are not otherwise specified (EDNOS). This service’s goal is to work with the individual, through an interdisciplinary approach, for the normalization of nutritional behaviour and the preferment of healthy nutritional habits.

This service is addressed to people that:

  • Have been diagnosed with an eating disorder.