Healthy heart

Healthy Heart

Conditions pertaining to the heart or the blood vessels are numerous and many of them are related to atherosclerosis. The latter develops when a substance called atherosclerotic plaque is accumulated at the walls of arteries. This in turn leads to arteries narrowing and hinders blood circulation. If a blood clot develops, blood flow may stop leading to a heart attack or a stroke.

Dietary habits are an important factor of protection against heart conditions (prevention) as well as of treating such conditions, for instance reducing cholesterol and triglycerides. This service’s goal is to help someone make the necessary changes in his diet so as to shield her heart’s and vessels’ health. A diet friendly to the heart may reduce cholesterol levels, limit blood clotting and lower increased blood pressure (hypertension).

This service is intended for people that:

  • Want to reduce increased cholesterol levels or/ and triglycerides in blood, whether they receive medications or not.
  • Have already suffered a cardiovascular disease and want to improve their nutrition or/ and body weight.
healthy heart