The Practice


Our office is located in a beautiful and quiet neighbourhood in Athens, within a 2 minutes walking distance from Megaro Moussikis tube station.

Our office space was prepared with special care and meraki to welcome you. The aim is to provide a friendly, safe and harmonious environment.

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The tools of our office aim at a reliable evaluation of body composition as well as possible risk factors relative to one’s health.

Some of them can help a person be organized, educated and motivated with regard to attaining the goal they have set. Every tool is effective as far it is used in the right way and at the right time. The following tools are used in collaboration with the client and when that is considered necessary.

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In order to reap the full benefits of our service, we would advise you to properly prepare. What comes first is preparing for the measurements with InBody 720 body analyser which you may read by selecting the respective link.

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The value of services offered and means of payment have been designed for your convenience as well as depending on the frequency of visits you will choose. There are three options. Payment per month, per appointment or buying a pack of visits.

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The office is open all year round. Face-to-face services are offered at Iridanou 6 str, Athens (2′ from the tube station Meg. Moussikis). In addition, distance counseling services are offered, via skype.

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Our office is located very close to the “Megaro Moussikis”, underground station, between Vasilissis Sofias, Avenue and Michalakopoulou, Street.

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