Coronavirus COVID-19

Good health is the ultimate goal of our philosophy. No concessions can be made there.

Lately, because of the corona virus pandemic, developments unfold rapidly and it is natural to be increasingly worried.

In our office, we have taken extra hygiene measures which are:

  • Communal surfaces are disinfected daily with specialized solutions. Although it is warmer and friendlier to shake hands we have stopped doing it!!
  • Before and after office hours the windows are opened and the office is aired.
  • Disinfectant gel is available for hand sanitizing for all visitors.
  •  Appointments take place on schedule with very few delays, when those arise (as it sometimes happens) so as to avoid overcrowding.

Furthermore, since it is likely that in the near future the relevant government measures will increase we would like to inform you that apart from face to face meetings the capability for long distance meeting is available. Via telephone, videoconference and email.

Naturally, on top of all the above you should always follow the official guidelines concerning your protection.

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