The secrets of February 14th

This is the time of the year when you offer love and gifts to the one who holds the secrets of your heart. But did you know that the secrets for a healthy heart are, among others, a balanced diet and systematic physical activity?

On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day offer your other half something special that will enhance and protect the health of his or her heart. Think how you may take better care of your heart. A balanced diet and systematic physical activity may significantly affect the health of your heart. Read about thing you can do below:

Balanced diet:

  • Devote time in finding a book, a concert or a play and offer it as a gift. Avoid offering sweets.Heart shaped balloon
  • Allow yourself occasional pleasures – if you are offered sweets you may consume them within the next weeks or share them with those around you.
  • Cooking a romantic dinner at home instead of eating out is a clever way to control the quality and quantity of food you consume.
  • If you decide to eat out share the food and eat so much as not to feel hungry. Many times restaurant portions are enough for two. Devote time to one another and increase the duration of your meal-it will help you to better manage the quantity of food you consume.
  • Choose fish! Did you know that for your heart to function properly you should eat fish twice a week? Prefer fish like sardine, anchovy, minnow, mackerel and tuna.
  • Develop a new habit! Choose one thing in which to improve your diet and set clever goals. For example increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables you eat each day. For your main meals set a goal to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • Prefer wholegrain They contain vitamins, minerals and plant fibres which protect against cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and its complications.
  • Reduce salt replacing it with spices and herbs.
  • For a healthy living it is important to be supported by your environment. Cease the chance and express your love, discuss ways to improve your food and health. Let St. Valentine’s Day be a start for you to begin eating together more frequently during the week.

 Physical activity:

  •  Valentine’s is a good time to spend some quality time together. Organize a one day excursion outside the city; find an activity you both Heart lifting weightsenjoy.
  • Walk! 30 minutes of walking per day help your heart to function better, regulate your blood pressure, reduce stress and manage your weight.
  • If the weather is not good for you to go out exercise inside. Use the stairs at work, the underground and your apartment building. Find exercises you can do at home through valid online sources.
  • If you have a pet(s) show them your love. Remember that they have to exercise daily as well. Take advantage of that, exercise and bond more with them.
  • Discuss activities you could do with your partner and start working out together.



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