image mask How to manage your fridge

How to manage your fridge

Although we live in an age where the overwhelming majority of households has a fridge, it is often the case that it’s not used the way it should be. Time and again we overstuff it or don’t put things in the “right” positions, we’ll explain below what the “right” position means.

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image mask Nutrition and the common cold

Nutrition and the common cold

The cold is caused by several viruses and constitutes an infection of the nose or the throat. More specifically the virus enters via the airways, the sinuses, the nasal cavity or the throat and when inside starts to develop. The body then reacts by producing antibodies and mucus. The virus is destroyed either by the antibodies, or by the stomach acids when we swallow it or excreted with mucus when we blow our noses.

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image mask Cancer & diet

Cancer & diet

The risk of developing cancer is different for each person based on genetic factors, the environment and life style. Whereas we cannot control the first and only partially control the second we can, to a greater extent, determine our lifestyle.

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image mask Food and the immune system

Food and the immune system

If prevention is indeed better than treatment the battle against disease begins before we get sick. Our lifestyle is the first line of defence. If we get enough sleep, avoid stress, take precautions against infection, don’t smoke, maintain a healthy body weight, eat healthy, don’t drink too much, exercise and so forth then our body stays in good condition and therefore our immune system will be in good condition as well.

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image mask Keep moving

Keep moving

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ”A.Einstein

How movement and not only exercise helps you lose weight.

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