image mask Detox diets

Detox diets

Detoxification means to eliminate toxins. Detox diets are dietary programmes which range from starving to juice fasts and partial fasts (only some foods allowed). Understandably detox diets do not last long or even better they should not last long.

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image mask Does exercising on an empty stomach reduce fat more?

Does exercising on an empty stomach reduce fat more?

In order to be most effective in losing weight it is best to combine energy intake reduction with regular exercise. A regiment of both diet and exercise is more effective in the short term and in the long term; that is we are more likely to steadily lose weight now and keep it low in the future. While the above have become common place…

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image mask 7 nutrition myths

7 nutrition myths

Despite the advancement in nutrition research some myths seem to be still quite popular. Behind most of them there is little evidence to back them up. In this article we review seven common nutrition myths.

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image mask 5 tips to reduce salt consumption

5 tips to reduce salt consumption

Increased salt consumption raises the likelihood of developing hypertension. The latter contributes to the development of heart and renal disease as well as stroke. By reducing the amount of salt we eat the likelihood of developing such diseases is decreased.

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image mask How metabolism works

How metabolism works

Metabolism is the sum of chemical and physical changes that allow our body to function properly and develop. Metabolism may slow down but this is rare and it is usually not the cause of an increase in our body weight. Metabolism determines the aggregate sum of our needs in energy.

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