image mask Weigh more lose more

Weigh more lose more

People seeking help in order to shed pounds nowadays, are usually advised to follow a “comprehensive” approach. One that combines dietary adjustments, exercise and behavioural techniques aimed at helping them alter their ways towards food consumption. One such technique is self-monitoring.

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image mask Olive oil and cardiovascular health

Olive oil and cardiovascular health

Olive oil, an important component of the Mediterranean diet may have benefits for those at risk of developing some short of cardiovascular disease. Before we continue we should clarify the main types of olive oil consumed. Oil produced from pressing mature olives is called virgin olive oil. The best quality quantities of which comprise the extra virgin olive oil.

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image mask Diet, exercise or therapy?

Diet, exercise or therapy?

Almost 60% of the world’s adults could be either obese or overweight by 2030 according to the projections of Kelly et al. (2008). It is well known that obesity is associated with several diseases, which are widely prevalent. The reason we are so interested in reducing obesity and studying weight loss is because it affects such large numbers of the population.

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image mask What to eat when fasting

What to eat when fasting

The forty day period before the Holy Week is one of fasting, and those who abide by it do not eat red and white meat, fish, dairy and eggs. While some days not even oil is consumed. By fasting we benefit not only by avoiding meat but also by shifting the center of gravity of our diet towards the consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains.

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image mask A sweet Easter Holiday

A sweet Easter Holiday

Many times right at the end of a meal we realize we ate more than we should have. That is we were full long before we stopped. Why do we do that? Is this behaviour prevalent with all kinds of foods?

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