image mask How metabolism works

How metabolism works

Metabolism is the sum of chemical and physical changes that allow our body to function properly and develop. Metabolism may slow down but this is rare and it is usually not the cause of an increase in our body weight. Metabolism determines the aggregate sum of our needs in energy.

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image mask Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Red cells transfer oxygen from the lungs to the rest of our body, which is used for the proper functioning of our organism. The red cells also contain haemoglobin, a protein rich in iron, that give blood its red colour. It is haemoglobin that allows the transfer of oxygen through the red cells.

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image mask Diabetes and Glucose intolerance

Diabetes and Glucose intolerance

Diabetes is a condition characterized by elevated levels of glucose in blood circulation, because the organism cannot use it properly. This is due to the fact that the pancreas does not produce insulin, or enough insulin, in order to assist glucose in entering your body cells or the insulin produced does not do what it should.

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image mask Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy

Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy

Nutrition significantly affects the probability of conception as well as the successful outcome of the pregnancy and concerns women and men alike. In this article we will speak about a woman’s nutritional preparation before pregnancy.

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