image mask Returning to (nutrition) normality

Returning to (nutrition) normality

At the beginning of each New Year, following a holiday period of minor or major excesses, many seek way(s) to restitute and detox. They try their luck with diets dominated by juice consumption or specific foods, or even food supplements and medication.

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image mask Christmas strategy to avoid weight gain

Christmas strategy to avoid weight gain

The holidays are underway and the spirit is full of the joy and warmth of the time spent with friends and family, also it carries with it quite a few nutritional challenges. The favorite, for many, Christmas pastries, the celebratory and family dinners and gatherings during the holiday period demand increased effort to keep our weight down. Although there is no need to feel guilty for enjoying food more this time of the year, it wouldn’t hurt to avoid gaining weight. And for that we have to be prepared and strategic.

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image mask Sweet challenges

Sweet challenges

Sweets and pastries are in abundance this time of the year. One is bound to come across all kinds of them during family or friendly gatherings, or to receive them as gifts or when it’s dessert time at a restaurant!

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image mask Post summer holidays weight loss

Post summer holidays weight loss

After the summer has ended we may find ourselves a bit on the plus side, plus a few pounds that is. Once more we switch onto lose-weight mode, while reminiscing about our holidays. Despite some melancholy this doesn’t need to be overly difficult.

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image mask Flavonoids and how they affect weight

Flavonoids and how they affect weight

Flavonoids are secondary s for plants and funguses. Meaning organic compounds not directly involved in the development and reproduction of organisms; hence we call them secondary. They are found in certain fruits and vegetables and have been observed to decrease the likelihood of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, to have anti-allergic and diuretic effects as well as to protect teeth and shield against the flu.

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