image mask Lemon peel rolls

Lemon peel rolls

A recipe for a mediterranean dessert made from lemon peels that is traditionally made in Greece. Suggested for those who want to have a taste of the mediterranean diet at home.

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image mask Eat well live well

Eat well live well

We’ll talk about diet and aging. This is occasioned by the study Samieri et al. (2013) which was conducted in the US. Its focus was to examine if what we eat in midlife affects the quality of our health late in life.

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image mask Thin… memory (and attention)

Thin… memory (and attention)

Those who followed a diet to lose weight for a few months know it. Weight loss slows down over the course of time. Also, it is not uncommon that weight lost is regained. The reason is obvious; complying to a specific diet in order to lose weight can be strenuous. Mental focus fluctuates and so does body weight.

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image mask What whole grain foods are all about

What whole grain foods are all about

Grains are plant predestined to be eaten. More specifically they are seeds of those plants. Their two main categories are whole grain and refined. The whole grain seed consists of three parts.

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image mask Alcohol gladdens the heart…?

Alcohol gladdens the heart…?

Even those who are unfamiliar with this quote, paraphrased from the original Bible quote, probably could attest to its validity by citing a personal experience. We drink alcohol to rejoice, to celebrate and party. As it touches almost everyone, it would be useful to talk about how much we should drink, how alcohol affects us, what problems we may face and whether there are ways to restraint its consumption.

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