image mask Weight loss: a strictly personal affair

Weight loss: a strictly personal affair

The secret to successfully losing weight is to look into all its parameters and then tailor them to our measures. That’s how to be effective. And there are several ways to do so.

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image mask Eggs and cholesterol: a big misunderstanding

Eggs and cholesterol: a big misunderstanding

In 1968 the American Heart Association recommended to citizens to consume a maximum of three eggyolks per week, based on the assumption that increased consumption of cholesterol in foods leads to increased cholesterol in the blood –and therefore elevated the risk of cardiovascular disease. The scientific community has now revised those recommendations.

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image mask Gluten-free or gluten-full diet?

Gluten-free or gluten-full diet?

Supermarkets’ selves are stocked with gluten-free products while more and more people regard gluten as Satan. How much of that is real and how much is a passing trend? A dietitian tries to decipher the latest research findings.

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image mask When losing weight seems… impossible

When losing weight seems… impossible

Weight loss occurs when the energy intake from food (that is calories) is less than the energy consumed by our body. The larger that difference, the more the rate at which body weight goes down. Energy intake, isn’t the sole factor affecting weight loss, but it is by far the most important. Evidently, one cannot slim down without limiting his/hers energy input.

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image mask The “miracle” diet

The “miracle” diet

How is our weight affected by what we eat and drink? To study the effect food has on us isn’t straightforward; significant time and effort are required. It is better though than personal observation, which might help lose weight when we want to, but could be proven dangerous for our health.

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