image mask Water with or without lemon

Water with or without lemon

The sympathetic nervous system has a leading role in the production of heat from the body or else thermogenesis, as we know since 1980. Since then, scientists have been looking into food and ingredients that could affect the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system. Are there ingredients to help burn fat, and thus help fight obesity?

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image mask Honey vs. sugar

Honey vs. sugar

Due to being naturally produced from bees, honey is recommended as a superior nutritional option to sugar, which has been processed. However is that really the case? Is honey better than sugar?

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image mask The pitfalls of religious fasting

The pitfalls of religious fasting

Those who fast during lent abstain from eating meat, including fish, and dairy. For many this abstinence translates to weight loss during this period. However exclusion of specific food from our diet doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll lose weight. On the contrary in order to slim down or maintain your weight you should bear in mind two important points (there are others mind), which if ignored you could gain not lose weight.

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image mask Food and the immune system

Food and the immune system

If prevention is indeed better than treatment the battle against disease begins before we get sick. Our lifestyle is the first line of defence. If we get enough sleep, avoid stress, take precautions against infection, don’t smoke, maintain a healthy body weight, eat healthy, don’t drink too much, exercise and so forth then our body stays in good condition and therefore our immune system will be in good condition as well.

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image mask What I’d say to those who wish to change their diet

What I’d say to those who wish to change their diet

Many choose to enter into a weight loss programme around this time of the year, this time being the timespan which begins these days and ends six months later. It is true that a healthy weight is a necessary condition for a healthy body. Maintaining a healthy weight, avoid smoking and exercising are the three main factors through which we can protect our health.

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