image mask Food safety and COVID-19

Food safety and COVID-19

The virus is transmitted by coming to contact with someone who carries it. When we breath, talk, sneeze or cough droplets are ejected out of our mouth and nose which are inhaled by those in close proximity.

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image mask Food vs. common cold

Food vs. common cold

More than 200 viruses may cause the common cold. Rhinovirus, which is the most common, accounts for about 30 – 50 % of all colds. It is transmitted through physical contact, when shaking hands, or touching a door knob/ surface as well as through air. Corona virus family accounts for about 10 – 15% of colds.

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image mask Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

Good health is the ultimate goal of our philosophy. No concessions can be made there. Lately, because of the corona virus pandemic, developments unfold rapidly and it is natural to be increasingly worried.

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image mask How to manage your fridge

How to manage your fridge

Although we live in an age where the overwhelming majority of households has a fridge, it is often the case that it’s not used the way it should be. Time and again we overstuff it or don’t put things in the “right” positions, we’ll explain below what the “right” position means.

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image mask Nutrition and the common cold

Nutrition and the common cold

The cold is caused by several viruses and constitutes an infection of the nose or the throat. More specifically the virus enters via the airways, the sinuses, the nasal cavity or the throat and when inside starts to develop. The body then reacts by producing antibodies and mucus. The virus is destroyed either by the antibodies, or by the stomach acids when we swallow it or excreted with mucus when we blow our noses.

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