image mask Hunger & satiety

Hunger & satiety

The feeling of hunger is completely normal. I’m hungry means my organism notifies me that it needs food to carry on functioning. Obviously hunger regulates the quantity of food we consume, to a significant degree, and as a consequence our body weight.

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image mask 9 steps to mindful eating

9 steps to mindful eating

Contemporary way of life doesn’t allow for much leisure time. Due to stress we deprive our body from the care it needs. A part of that is what and how much to eat.

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image mask Sugar: brown vs white

Sugar: brown vs white

Wholegrain foods are considered the better choice when compared to “white” grains (meaning non wholegrain, refined). Therefore brown in foods is linked to health. However, similar claims are made about brown sugar which is often cited as better relative to white sugar.

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image mask Antioxidants: what they are and what they do

Antioxidants: what they are and what they do

Antioxidants are natural defenders against oxidation. They are an army of substances that prevent cell damage, while free radicals are the opposing army. Their actions are only understood in unison. Below, we briefly explain what antioxidants are and what they do, how free radicals are generated, the sources of antioxidants and their health benefits.

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image mask Weight loss: a strictly personal affair

Weight loss: a strictly personal affair

The secret to successfully losing weight is to look into all its parameters and then tailor them to our measures. That’s how to be effective. And there are several ways to do so.

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